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Why the cross? According to Episcopal custom, most churches will transfer the Feast of the Holy Cross this year—from September 14, its normal date, to the Monday following, September 15. The Feast of the Holy Cross is not normally observed on a typical Sunday, and the assigned Sunday propers usually take precedence. Read more.

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Have You Ever Been To Evensong?

Think Evensong isn’t for you? Well, if you ever resonate with the choirs’ musical offerings on Sunday morning, you will find Evensong to be an especially rich revelation of the glory and presence of God. During much of the coming season we will be observing Feast Days on Sunday afternoons, rather than re-using the Bible readings from Sunday morning, so the lessons, homily, and much of the music will focus on a major saint's day or feast day. With the exception of a homily and several hymns in which the congregation joins, Choral Evensong is almost entirely sung by the choir, which means the tone of the service can vary dynamically from week to week—it may be overflowing with exuberant praise one Sunday, and rest in contemplative reflection the next.