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One of the gifts of the Cathedral of St. Philip is transcendence. Our community—our complex, our campus—offers the world beauty and elegance and grace. When much of the world seems so curious and even prurient for the latest crude thing, for informality stretched to emptiness, we seek something above us. Indeed, we seek to honor the transcendence of God. Thus, one of our most common challenges is in manifesting intimacy in the midst of that transcendence. Intimacy plus transcendence surely equals ... Read more.

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A Gift for Bessie Hunter

Bessie Hunter is retiring on October 31, having served faithfully as Cathedral laundress for over 16 years. We would like to give Bessie a financial gift as a token of our appreciation for all that she has given us. This gift is known in the Anglican tradition as a “purse.” If you would like to contribute to Bessie’s “purse,” then please send us a check made out to the Cathedral, and marked as for the “Gift to Bessie Hunter.” If you have any questions, please contact Ivory Richardson (404-365-1037 or